[Ansteorra-archery] I bid all fellow archers welcome

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Glad you're here.  Great RP.


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Sain baina uu? (How are you?)

I would like to take this time to introduce my self.  I am Subetei Usun of
the Usun Clan.

I have been sent to this part of the world (Western Region - Adlersruhe) by
my great and powerful Khan to learn the ways of others and more importantly,
how other lands fight with the mighty Bow.  Although I am very new to the
most noble of skills, archery, my great Khan, thought it would be good for
me to seek out others in a new land to learn their ways of fighting with the
might bow. *looks humbly to the ground*

I hope I get to meet as many of you in combat over the years and that we
will always part as friends.

Your humble servant.

Subetei Usun
ICQ 122959349

Mundane: John Warner

"If you take care of the group, then the group will take care of you.  If
you stand outside the group, then you may be fighting alone."

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