[Ansteorra-archery] Arrow approval

Brown Chass dwarvenhome at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 12 11:11:53 PDT 2001

Hey Diethelm
Are you authorized to authorize? We are begging for a
marshall to come to our event.. so what happened last
year doesnt happen this year... lots of people with
bows, Javelens and spears and axes and no one to allow
them to be thrown lol.

Chass aka Charinthalis Del Sans From the Canton of

> Ummm we have a Regional AM unless something happened
> that I do not know
> about.....I know that one was stepping down and
> another was stepping up.
> Last I had heard was that Morgan was our marshal but
> that he was stepping
> down and I do not know who was replacing him.
> Diethelm Waltorfer
> Deputy Archery Marshal, Northkeep
> Derek Wilson

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