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Some Kingdoms already have, but not here.

However there are two things you need to be aware of:
1) There is not currently a SCA approved APD for wood aroows.  There is an
experimentally approved APD here in Ansteorra.  I don't look to have that
one approved till end of September that's assuming it passes the tests.
2) I think natural attrition and cost will force most folks to go to
fiberglass.  I am not making any new wood combat arrows.  Those that I have
now will be used as long as they can (once the wood APD is approved) and not
replaced when they become unrepairable.

There has been some discussion on which is safer; wood or fiberglass.  Not
going into that can of worms right now, other than to say that I have only
heard of one puncture type wound caused by a broken wood arrow.  It was a
very much a freak accident.


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Hello:   I have not posted here before and have been very happy just
Has there been any talk of doing away with wood shafts (for combat) . This
seems a good idea to me as they are much less safe. This would also make
inspection easier.

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