[Ansteorra-archery] Arrow approval

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Agreeded,  It will be along time before my Bow sees the Light of day again.
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Let us keep in mind that the SCA is a organization that thrives of
participation from members.  While I am sure that safety is of the utmost
importance, let us not become like our government and become so obtrusive
that no one wants to participate anymore, simply because the sheer fun is

The Ghost

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>> I think that it is possible that we already have too many authorizations.
>> First, I think it is the job of the marshallate in inspection.  We
>> have a separate marshallate authorization for combat archery and those
>> marshals should know how all the requirements and know how inspect the
>> equipment to make sure it meets the requirements.We don't trust that bows
>> and crossbows are combat legal just because they came from a certain
>> manufacturer, we still inspect them.
>I agree that the archery marshallate job to inspect ALL equipment prior to
>entering on the field.
>> I don't think we need more levels of authorizations but I do think we
>> to do a better job at authorizing combat archers.  We see people all the
>> time who don't know they need a Gauntlet of their bow hand, don't know
>> is a minimum range, don't know they cant glean arrows, don't know shafts
>> have to be taped, etc.  This is an overall authorization problem.
>> Sometimes we are too fast and loose with our authorizations and we need
>> do a better job.
>> We need to do a better job of authorizing combat archers.  I personally
>> would like to see at least a two part authorization process.  First, a
>> written multiple choice test that shows knowledge of the rules, armor and
>> equipment requirements, etc.  Second, a sort of practical test were they
>> have to show knowledge of the equipment and show that they can do a basic
>> safety inspection of their own equipment and perform safely.  I perhaps
>> third an observation period.  What I mean is that if an unknown person
>> up to me tomorrow and can spout all the rules and can show me he knows
>> equipment, I don't think that necessarily means he is ready to be
>> or that I should authorize him.  Ideally I would like to see the guy
>> several times and understand that he "knows" the stuff rather than having
>> just perhaps memorized it the night before so he can satisfy a marshal.
>I agree that that we are sometimes too fast in authorizing CA especially
>GW or for melee events.
>I disagree that a written test be required for authorization, that start to
>create more paper work than really needed, There are some people that may
>good at taken a written test and not be able to perform the requirements,
>that the individual cant pass or has problems with written test but can
>the requirements to be a CA. I also agree to a observation period,  this
>show that an individual knows how to inspect his equipment and constantly
>perform on the melee field in a safe manner.
>HL Roger
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