[Ansteorra-archery] Golf Tube (GT) APD Trample Test

Mike Catron meggiddo at netzero.net
Mon Jul 16 18:53:38 PDT 2001

Greetings to All.

A Golf Tube Trample Test was conducted this past weekend in the Barony
of Elfsea during a mini-tournament. I wish to thank the following for
their patience and cooperation with this test.

Baron Galen of Elfsea, Sir Mahdi, Sir Drake, Duke Mittion's Square -
Vlad, fighters of the following - fighters from Elfsea, Clan Ross,
Company of the Hunt, and the Fray.

The assistance of Ld Fearghus McKenna, Royal Huntsman who supplied the
GT APD for testing.

The marshals in charge - Raimond (of Elfsea) and Carlos (of the Fray).

And large thank you to Lady Arabella, the list mistress, she kept track
of the number of individual fights that was occurring through out this
tournament. Total number of fights approximately 142.

The fiberglass shaft GT APD was used for this test. The GT APD was laid
in the pathway that each fighter would take to enter the field for
combat. The fighters complied with the request to step upon the APD in
full armor. They took as normal step as possible and step upon the GT

The GT APD was removed from the field at the end of the tournament. It
was handed to Ld Fearghus who inspected it and confirmed that the GT APD
had not suffered any permanent damage. In fact, it was reformed to
roughly a tubular shape with very little effort on Ld Fearghus's part.

Ld Fearghus and myself (Michael of the Fray) reviewed the number of
fights involved during this tournament and determined that the
equivalent of 100 fighters had trampled or step on this GT APD.

I have taken pictures both before and after the tournament.

There was to be addition practices involving actual melees, but due to
the heat, these did not occurred this weekend. Our plans (Ld Fearghus
and myself) were to placed all 3 GT APD's in the middle of these melee
practices with the Iron Star Brigade.

Michael of the Fray

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