[Ansteorra-archery] Fw: [Steppes] Glasyln/Lindenwood Archery Practices Announced

Mike Catron meggiddo at netzero.net
Mon Jul 16 20:23:14 PDT 2001


Michael of the Fray here, I thought that I would add to both Ld Ironwyrm
and Ld Lothair e-mails.

To those combat archers, who will be attending the fighter practice in
Steppes this Sunday, after the opening of the northern archery range at
McIinnis Park.

Please bring your armor for practicing the movement drills and of
course your bows.

There are several reasons for this, it is for each of us who are combat
archers to become accustom to moving in the armor, even in this heat.
There are war events beside Gulf War that we can fight in.

The next war event is Gothic War on Labor Day Weekend. Last year, there
were open field and bridge battles, with siege engines on the field.
Plus, we have 3 Kings coming up later in the year as well (I know this
one will be cooler!).

The added benefit of wearing armor is discovering if the armor requires
adjustment and/or repair and not waiting to the last minute.

An excellent reason to be on the field with your bow in hand for
movement drill - the fighters will have a clearer picture of just who
all the archers are. I have found this to be very helpful on the

A added bonus for those archers who are "Heavy" or plan to become
combat archers - and plan to carry a secondary weapon onto the field.

Please bring your secondary weapon. This would be an excellent
opportunity to receive pointers and instructions from some of the very
best fighters in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, perhaps even in the knowne

A fighter is only as good as his/her opponent(s)!

Regardless, whether you are a "white diamond" or a heavy combat archer,
I have found that the fighters will answer questions and provide helpful

A last note to all who plan to attend, archer, fighter, supporters
and/or to those interest and wish to show their support of the heavy
fighter community in general.

It is "HOT", bring water, if possible to share!

And not to be forgotten:

To the rapier community and supporters, if you would care to join us at
the park in Carrollton. Then please come. Not knowing your schedule.
(Note - speaking as someone who stands on the sidelines, but knowing
several Fray who fight and/or who had fought this weapon style.)

To the A&S of both Steppes and Elfsea, come join us if possible.

I hope that I have extended an invitation to all concern and have not
missed anyone or group.

If anyone requires directions to the park in Carrollton, please respond
and will post them.

Michael of the Fray
Hammer of the Eye

ironwyrm at juno.com wrote:
> Greetings into Archers of the Steppes/Elfsea area,
> Below is an e-mail from Lord Lothair announcing the opening of the
> northern archery range.  There will be many advantages to this new
> location.  To mention a few;
>  This site location is convent to Lindenwood/Glasyln/northern Steppes and
> much closer to many good gentles in Elfsea.
>  With the assistance of, and by rotating the hosting archery marshals
> from each of these areas it allows visiting archers to obtains a scoring
> away shoot for the IKAC and Royal Rounds.
>  It is very close to the current location of the Steppes fighter practice
> giving our combat archers & heavy archers a chance to attend and gain
> some experience from that fighter practice.
>  It is our hope that this range shall become a nexus for the archers of
> the area promoting cooperation, archery instruction, information
> exchanges, and a general feeling of goodwill & comradery within the
> archery community through out the Steppes/Elfsea area.
> To our archers to the east & southern areas of the Steppes don't worry we
> have no intention of closing down the Eastfield range.
> But we shall be closing the Eastfield range this Sunday July 22 in order
> to attend the opening of the north range as a show of support and re-open
> Eastfield Sunday July 29.  We will be working out a calendar with the
> supporting marshals of both ranges and posting it after Aug. 1st.  I know
> this might be a bit confusing at first so please feel free to contact
> Lord Lothair or myself for updates & information.
> We hope you will join us there!
> In service,
> Ld. Wm. Ironwyrm
> Marshal of Archers Barony of the Steppes
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> From: Lothair Wildehaar <rampanthare at yahoo.com>
> To: ansteorra archery <ansteorra-archery at ansteorra.org>
> Cc: Glaslyn <Glaslyn at ansteorra.org>,
>          Lindenwood <Lindenwood at ansteorra.org>
> Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 04:17:03 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: [Steppes] Glasyln/Lindenwood Archery Pactices Announced
> Good Gentles,
> The Cantons of Glaslyn and Lindenwood with the
> cooperation of the Archery Marshal of Elfsea announce
> archery practice in Carrolton.
> Beginning Sunday July 22, 2001 the practices will
> start at 12:00(noon)at McIinnis Park, 2335 Sandy Lake
> Road. They will run for approximately 2 hrs. The park
> is located 1.2 miles west of I35E. At the Park turn
> left(south) and continue past the ballfields. Turn
> right at the sign, then right again. (That's right the
> sign says "Archery Range").
> We hope to see you there.
> Lothair Wildehaar
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