[Ansteorra-archery] More good things (this time with words!)

Sylvrfalcn@aol.com Sylvrfalcn at aol.com
Tue Jul 24 20:59:02 PDT 2001

Wow, got a stuck button on my mouse and sent four e-mails that didn't say
anything, razzin' frazzin' frickin' frazzin' space age technology.
  Thanks for the words of encouragement.  A 226 in period is pretty good, but
we've got archers out there that can beat it (you guys and gals know who you
are), and I know this archer is certainly going to try.
  Whether they're shooting scores in the top three or not, my hat is off to
anybody with the intestinal fortitude to get out and shoot in this heat.
Please take care, and watch out for one another out there, the best bloody
score in the whole known world is not worth anybody getting sick or injured
        Cheers for now,
       Robet of Yorkshire

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