[Ansteorra-archery] Re: [Ansteorran_Marshals] New APDs approved

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Thu Jul 26 12:12:07 PDT 2001

The Golf Tube APD was approved back in early June by Fearghus
for "experimental" use in this kingdom pending SCA approval.  Now that these
have been granted approcal at the Society level GT APD's on wooden shafts
should not longer be considered experimental and are approved for general use
in Ansteorra.

Remember GT APDs are approved for use on WOODEN shafts and not yet for
Fiberglass shafts.  It has not yet been determined that the GT can stand up
to the extra weight of the fiberglass shaft.

Siloflex APDs have been approved for use on FIBERGLASS shafts.

We know that a wooden shaft can not handle the extra weight of the siloflex
and wooden shafts with siloflex will often break on impact.  Siloflex on wood
is not approved and the typical 160 and 100 PSI siloflex will likely not be
approved on wood.

Golf Tube APD's on Fiberglass shafts should still be considered

If you are using any experimental APDs make sure that you inform your
Regional Archery Marshal and the Kingdom Archery Marshal as they need to be
aware of any experimental APDs in use.

In Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Coastal Regional Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
eadric at scabrewer.com

Agnarr Thorvaldsson <agnarr at apex2000.net> said:
> So does this mean that these GT ADP are now approved for use in this
> HL Agnarr
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>   Greetings to the Archers and Marshals of Ansteorra.
>   Read below of details of new APD approvals including approval for Golf
>   In Service,
>   --
>   Lord Eadric Anstapa
>   Coastal Regional Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
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>   TLW <tessathehuntress at earthlink.net> said:
>   > Greetings to the list!
>   >
>   > I just received word this morning from the Society Archer Marshal, THL
>   > Gwilym.. that we have Society approval on two new APD's.  He asked me to
>   > post this to the list, so we can try and get the word out quickly and
to as
>   > many people as possible.  Please help spread the word and feel free to
>   > forward this email and post it wherever.
>   >
>   > These are the two new ones that have been approved for arrows and bolts:
>   >
>   > Ruperts Ridged Golf Tube APD (on wooden shafts):
>   >
>   > http://www.newberry.edu/rgaddy/arrow_testing_web_page.htm
>   >
>   > The Reinforced Golf Tube APD(on wooden shafts):
>   >
>   > I don't have a website yet, but I plan on taking pictures and enlisting
>   > Evian's assistance in getting it on a website.  I'll send out a notice
>   > it's up.
>   >
>   > Specifications on the Golf Tube APD's:  The minimum length for the top
>   > the APD is 1 1/4".  Minimum length for the bottom length of the APD is 2
>   > 1/4".  The cut of the APD from the bottom (or base) to the top, from the
>   > plane of the arrow, is a maximum angle of 50%, the minimum angle is 30%.
>   > You must use strapping tape to attach the APD's.  You may use an
>   > along with the APD.  I had good success with high temp hot glue.
>   >
>   > The Ridged Golf Tube APD has to be melted.  The ridge should be within
>   > or 1/8", it can't be thinner, thicker is acceptable.
>   >
>   > The Reinforced Golf Tube APD is cut to the sizes above.. with an
>   > piece of golf tube between 1/2 to 1 1/4" (3/4" was my preference) put
on the
>   > outside of the golf tube APD.  Since the reinforcing piece will have a
>   > cut the edges straight and put this on the bottom of the APD.  This will
>   > give the shaft a place to rest.
>   > You can use strapping tape to attach the two pieces or melt the back
>   > together (which works well).
>   >
>   > It is strongly recommended if you use black golf tube that you spray
>   > or cover it with light covered tape.  Please pay particular attention to
>   > black golf tube APD's on hot days (over 90%).  Any golf tube APD, when
>   > squeezed that fails to hold it's "o" shape, fails.  I recommend that it
>   > should get cut off at inspection point (to avoid possible problems, with
>   > someone shooting it by mistake).
>   >
>   > Other designs and styles of APD's are still being tested and reviewed.
>   > are currently reviewing and would like more test results on these
>   > styles/variations:
>   >
>   > Golf tube APD's with caulk "Meridies design" (wood & Fiberglass)
>   > Golf tube APD's on fiberglass shafts
>   > Siloflex 75 and 80 psi APD's (wood & fiberglass)
>   > Siloflex 75 and 80 psi, reinforced APD's (wood and fiberglass)
>   >
>   > If you have been testing the above designs or a different one, please
>   > your test results, as soon as possible.
>   >
>   > If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact THL
>   > (LONGBOW at SGI.NET)or myself. Thank you.
>   >
>   > Tessa the Huntress
>   > Deputy to the Society Archer Marshal, THL Gwilym
>   >

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