[Ansteorra-archery] IKCAC news from Middleford

Sylvrfalcn@aol.com Sylvrfalcn at aol.com
Thu Jul 26 23:10:08 PDT 2001

I still haven't gotten around to carving my own bow from a stave like I'd
like to. The hickory longbow I've been shooting was made from a stave by a
fellow out in California.  It's not anything fancy, but the price was right
at 70 bucks.  At least that's what my brother said he paid for the bow (won
it from him in a good old fashioned grudge match for "pink slips").  Most
self bows of any merit tend to run rather pricey, so if I can get this
bowyer's contact info from my brother I may order a couple more.  The bow is
72" long and pulls 40 lbs at 28", darn near perfect for target shooting.  Not
too heavy to plink with, but plenty enough oomph to group well on the 40 yard
Soooo, while I can claim credit for making my own quiver, string, arrows,
bracer, etc., I'd like to give credit where credit's due on the bow.  If, I
could just remember the fellow's name ;- )


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