[Ansteorra-archery] HUZZAH!

Sylvrfalcn@aol.com Sylvrfalcn at aol.com
Tue Jul 31 19:50:15 PDT 2001

  Twang, thump, twang, thump,
   Gilli's arrows came alive,
  Twang, thump, twang, thump,
   He shot a 265!
IKCAC that is, jolly good stuff.  And he did it with his funky old yellow
quiver (weighted with rocks no doubt).  If I'm not badly mistaken, that's the
best IKCAC score HL Gilli's ever shot, so I was quite proud to be the marshal
in charge for it.
  Almost as exciting, in a different sort of way, was the presence of a new
archer at our shoot. I was so impressed with this young man's enthusiasm,
that I sold him a bow, quiver, and a dozen arrows for a measly forty bucks.
That's right, my beloved old black bow is now somebody else's "starter bow",
and I hope it serves him as well as it has me.  Who knows, if he's willing to
invest the time in some serious practicing, he may just give us a few
surprises with that humble rig ;-)

       Cheers all,
  Robert of Yorkshire

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