[Ansteorra-archery] Temporary relocation

Archie/Sebastian sbstn at ev1.net
Tue Oct 2 20:49:26 PDT 2001

My Fellow Archers;

     It seems that I will most likely not be submitting anymore scores this
season.  The US Air Force has informed me this day that I will be going
places that I cannot mention for a time period I do not know.  By the time
you get this I will be on my way, hows that for short notice.

If I shoot in another Kingdom, does that count as an "away" shoot???  And
just how far "away" can I submit scores from and still get credit???

Yours In Service
Don Sebastian Frobishire
Archery Champion to the Barony of the Steppes

P.S.   I am working on getting the Archery Champions pouch back to

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