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     With me working 14 hour days I do not get much of a chance to get off base.  But I will try.
     Congratulations on your Kings Archer Award, truly well deserved.  I only wish I could have been there to see it happen.  Also well done on winning the Royal Huntsman tourney.  If I can get a few days off I will fly home to get my toys and drive back.  I can at least shoot archery here on base.
     Until next time.

Yours In service

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>  Excellent to hear you're safe and well Don Sebastian!  MacDill eh? I spent
>four years stationed there, wish I could be there to guide you around in
>"enemy territory" as it were. Ah well, scarf down some good Cuban food for me
>on Boliche Blvd., and do give my regards to the gentle ladies at the Mons
>Venus! Take good care of yourself, we're none of us out of the woods yet.
>    Cheers,
>Robert of Yorkshire
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