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Wed Sep 12 08:19:11 PDT 2001

And our thoughts and prayers are with you, our brave
servicemen and women, who will fight the good fight
and bring these awful cowards to justice.

Sen. John McCain said that the price wold be high and
that it would cost American treasure and American
blood. Let's keep our brothers and sisters who will
fight for our freedom in our thoguhts and prayers. You
are truly brave souls and we love you all.

Eleanor Cleavely
--- Sylvrfalcn at aol.com wrote:
> Fellow archers,
>   Words cannot express the fullness of my feelings
> on this dark day.  As a
> Master Sergeant in your United States Air Force, let
> me assure you we are
> loaded and ready to go.  As soon as the targets are
> authorized, we will rain
> hell on these evil cowards and all who would offer
> them aid and refuge.
>   Until then, let our thoughts be with those who
> have suffered in this
> terrible tragedy, and with those who valiantly
> strive to ease that suffering.
>     Keep Faith,
> Robert of Yorkshire
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