[Ansteorra-archery] Using the golf tube APD's for combat arrows:

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Wed Sep 26 06:09:08 PDT 2001

Greetings into the combat archers,

Last weekend at Elfsea Defender was the first opportunity we've had to
use the golf tube APD's in a "War Practice" situation for myself and
another combat archer from our Steppes unit of combat archers.  After a
most embarrassing display of just how very out of practice we were and
much fumbling over the new equipment I thought I would share some of the
problems we encountered with some possible solutions to help us all
resolve them before we all go to war.

BOW: (arrows used were 1/4" fiberglass shafts w/"Bohning"
   classic index nocks)
Nocks; Stringing the nocks were a bit of a problem as they
   small and hard to string without looking at them.
Possible solutions - More practice(key words here), making
   and/or installing larger nocks, or making the nock into
   the APD itself(we will be working on this idea).

Arrow rest; APD's would sometimes snag on the bow's arrow
   rest deflecting the path and slowing the arrow.
Possible solutions - reshaping the arrow rest to accommodate
   the APD, or a slight adjustment to the angle of the APD
   on the shaft.

CROSSBOW: (1/4" fiberglass shafts and "Iolo" crossbow
   w/rolling nut used)
Spring clip; (Due to the weight of the combat bolt head a
   spring clip is necessary to keep the combat bolt in place
   before firing.)  The clip on the crossbow used was not
   stationary and would rotate out of position with each
   firing making it impossible to reload without adjusting.
Possible solutions - replace any movable spring clip on the
   combat crossbows with a stronger stationary one.

Drawing the missiles; Arrow/bolts being drawn from quivers
   the APD's would sometimes hang on one or more arrows/bolts
   as they were pulled in haste, resulting in entanglement with
   more than one missile and/or the lost of some missiles by
   falling to the ground.
Possible solutions - Once again practice, remembering to give
   them a bit of a jiggle as you grasp your arrow/bolt might
   help to free them up, or some improved quiver designs.

In general - we were both using worn leather work gloves,
   these were not tight fitting in the fingers and did tend
   to be a bit clumsy.
Possible solutions - Better tight fitting gloves and/or
   strapping, taping, or tying them about the wrist
   might help(you have invested a great deal to be
   a combat archer, don't allow ill fitting gloves to
   lessen your abilities).

Note: Be sure to stay within the approved specifications for
   these and all APD combat missiles.  If you are unsure
   about or do not know what these specifications are please
   contact your local combat archery marshal, regional
   archery marshal, or Kingdom archery marshal for help.

It is a fact that practice does make perfect.  So to that end starting
9/30/01 I shall be placing a combat archery target on both Steppes'
archery practice ranges in order to give our Steppes and visiting combat
archers a chance to bring combat missiles, don their armor, and prepare
themselves for the months to come.  I do encourage all other Ansteorran
archery marshals to do the same.

It's very necessary that you become familiar with both your arms & armor,
wear and use it.  You need to find any unforeseen problems with either
and resolve them before it hinders you in battle.  Learn to be
comfortable with both before you take the field.  Practice in groups of
three to five where possible, using one as a spotter for all.  Also learn
to become at ease with your movements to help increase your rate of fire
which often can make the difference between staying on or walking off the
battlefield bow raised over your head.

Example: (Pray forgive me Michael to single you out.)
"Michael of the Fray" has trained himself to nock his arrows while moving
without looking at bow or string.  Thus allowing himself to neither lose
sight of changes in the lines, nor intended targets (you can learn to do
this on a static target).  He practices regularly in armor, is very
familiar with his equipment, and he keeps to a well thought out plan of
action on the field.  Very well done Michael, we all could learn from
your example as a combat archer!

I urge you, our combat archers, to attend the regional war practices
taking place in your area, between regions, and at local events.  Static
target practice cannot began compare to the lessons learned on the field
at these practices.  They are being held for your benefit, the fighters &
combat archers of Ansteorra and will be your best opportunity to gain
experience in fighting & combat archery tactics short of battle.

The above has been offered as an aid to assist other combat archers to
prepare to take the field during the upcoming war practices, battles, and
this coming Gulf War.

To those whom have lain down their bows:

Do not allow our brave forces of Ansteorra fall prey to the arrows of the
archers of our enemies due to lack of preparations, practice, or
attendance upon the part of our own archers.  Nor allow petty bitterness
over the APD ruling to keep you and your bow from the field.  We are
archers of Ansteorra and we can overcome this and any handicap set before
us to become the most feared combat archers of the known world, but it
will take courage, preparation, and training with the new tools with
which we must apply our craft.

Now is the time to pick up your bow and began the work, ready thyself to
return the field, and prepare for WAR.  Your Kingdom desperately needs

In service,

William Ironwyrm

Marshal of Archers Barony of the Steppes

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