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Hello Everyone, I work at Barnes & Noble: SMU Book Store. We Have in 2 sets
of vol. 1 & 3. I was told the 2 vol 2's sould be in today. The store is on
Mockingbird lane at the corner of airline on one side and the other side is
75. The books run $22.95 each. I was ask to find them by a couple of
archiers and I can't remember who. I'll be leaving for work in a few
minutes. If you want me to set them aside call the store and ask for me
(Charlie). 214-891-9000, or if you can't get the store with this number call
information, the address is 3060 Mockingbird lane Dallas.
Ld Carlos
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>Happy Day.  Somehow it's fitting that today should be
>your natal day.
>Lothar and crew
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