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Ewww...  I was wondering about that.  After Border Wars we started looking at Combat Archery and never found what we could all agree was a safe way to do Combat Archery in the village.  Most people think we were extremely lucky not to have had any injuries at Border Wars and aren't looking to push that luck.  So other than Archer duels and Such there won't be any Archery in the streets.

Sorry Folks,

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>That statement definitely scores gold!  If you can make Elfsea's
>Springfaire event, do so.  The combat through the streets & buildings at
>the last Elfsea event held on the Hawkwood site was an combat archers
>delight & fighters nightmare.  With the "Day in Sherwood Forest" theme
>there is going to be combat archers everywhere.  The weekend promises
>ARCHERY, ARCHERY, and more ARCHERY!!  I guess some fighters will get to
>play too.  And I belive I heard it was the archery marshal of Elfsea's
>birthday also?  Hmmm, sounds like another revel to me (as if we need a
>On a bit somber note our good friends to the archers of Ansteorra Sir
>Galen of Bristol & HL Allessandra Beatrice Desderio are stepping down as
>Baron & Baroness of Elfsea.  Let's let them know how much we appreciate
>all the have done for our community.
>All that to be followed by the Academy of the Bow on the following
>weekend, be still my heart!  So much to do so little time.
>It's good to live in Ansteorra!
>On Tue, 2 Apr 2002 10:12:46 -0600 "Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor
>(Anteon Corp)" <Charles.Dewart at hood.army.mil> writes:
>> Greetings and Hi There,
>> Yes indeed, it's going to be busy around here for the next couple of
>> weeks.
>> First, it's Elfsea's Spring Fair this weekend.  A Robin Hood themed
>> event
>> and we're ARCHERS!!  We all gotta be there for that.  IT's going to
>> be a
>> hoot. ;)
>> Then next week, it's AoB.  Say?  It's been somewhat silent about
>> that.  How
>> are we coming on that?
>> Gilli
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