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Sorry, those are last year's medalions we're talking about and not this


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Greetings and Hi There,

With Academy of the Bow getting close, I want to make sure that I have who
is suspose to be getting what correct.  The adult divisions aren't a
problem.  However, I'm not so confident of my files and records for the
Youth and Children.

Please check the following scores and placements.  If you have something
higher that is not posted please send it to me off list.   I will send out
the final updated list Friday morning.

	Sebastin Frobishire  262
	Robert of Yorkshire  235
	Fearghus McKenna     217

IAAC Open Crossbow
	Agnarr Thorvaldson  231
	Plachoya Sobaka     196
	Roger Bagley        171

IAAC Period
	Robert of Yorkshire  226
	Agnarr Thorvaldson   218
	Sebastin Frobishire  178

	Agnarr Thorvaldson  269
	Gilbert Ost Westley  265
	Roger Bagley         248

IAAC Youth
	Bjorn Agnarrson	114
	Nicole Inannasdottir  109
	Dante Sasovino   82

IAAC Children
	Padruig MacAlastir   21
	Athelwulf            21

	Bjorn Agnarrsson  96
	Nicole Inannasdottir  87


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