[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman Tournament at Academy of the Bow

Travis W. Jennings travis.jennings at attbi.com
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Greetings all,

I apologize for the late announcement.  The event stewards and myself
just finalized the format last Thursday before I headed out to Elfsea
"Sprinkler" Faire.  I've been cleaning muddy wet gear, and repairing
soggy fletching ever since I got home.

As has already been announced, TRH's want to start the Royal Huntsman
Tournament at 10:00 am Saturday morning.  We are predicting quite a
large number of entrants since the tournament is being held at AoB.  We
are planning on doing a single elimination style tournament.

Round 1:
Period-face target at a known distance of 30 yards,
As many arrows as can be safely fired in 30 seconds,
Standard period scoring 8/4/2.

Round 2:
Combat legal arrows fired at an IKCAC knight target,
At a distance between 20 and 30 yards,
As many arrows as can be safely fired in 60 seconds (simulated combat)
Regular IKCAC scoring face=5, heart=3, body=2.
***Bring your combat arrows and bow [if you don't want to shoot an APD
off your main bow], gauntlets, and gloves.***

Remaining rounds:
Printed animal targets at unspecified distances ranging between 15 and
*50* yards,
and/or Royal's choice.

Bye's to be shot by either TRMs, TRHs, or myself.

Ld. Lughaidh Mac Sheóinín
Royal Huntsman of Ansteorra

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So...What's the tourney format going to be?


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> Greetings Everyone.
> I have spoken with HRH Julia and she has expressed the desire of the
> Heirs to have the Royal Huntsman Tournament in the morning.
> Accordingly, the tournament to choose the next  Royal Huntsman of
> shall start at 10AM on Saturday, April 13.
> I am looking forward to seeing you all there.
> Lord Eadric Anstapa
> Coastal Regional Archery Marshal, Ansteorra eadric at scabrewer.com
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