[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman Tournament at Academy of the Bow

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Does that mean gloves or no gloves will be required for crossbowmen?


On Thu, 11 Apr 2002 19:32:20 -0500 "Travis W. Jennings"
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> Greetings,
> I apologize for not being totally clear.  It will be an IKCAC style
> target, not necessarily an IKCAC style shoot.  Arrows must be
> heavy-combat Ansteorran legal (APD's required).  Archers must have
> at
> least heavy leather gloves on both hands.  A gauntlet on the bow
> hand is
> recommended.  No helmet is required.  Lord William Ironwyrm has
> volunteered to bring combat arrows and bolts from the House Arkham
> armory to loan out.
> And yes, the bye is destructive.  Just ask those archers who fell to
> the
> skill of his Majesty at the last Royal Huntsman tourney.  The
> current
> plan [translated: everything in the SCA is subject to change] is to
> let
> TRH's have the honor of first bye if needed.  If declined, I will
> shoot
> the byes, or alternate, as needed until a former Royal Huntsman is
> eliminated.  At that point we will rotate in a new bye, etc.
> Lughaidh [LOO ee]
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> Hey There,
> A few questions:
> On the combat shoot:
>     1).    Since it's a IKCAC style shoot, where must the arrows be
> combat
> legal?  I have a set that would be just             dandy in Lohac,
> but
> not
> by a long site in Ansteorra.
>     2).    Is a helm required or the other armor as in the IKCAC?
>     3).    Will loaner combat arrows be available?
> Thanks,
> Gilli
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