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I wish you would had spoken up at the AoB, I had about a half dozen
fiberglass bows on site from 25-40 lbs.  If you know what weight you want
I'll be glad to loan you one till you can chose one for yourself.  We see
you at enough events I am not worried about getting if back.

Beware of Ebay!!  I have bought a few bows there, its best to know all
the right questions to ask, but you are still dependent on the honesty
and knowage of the seller.  It's not the SCA!

Even when purchasing a used bow its best to have an experienced archer
with you to check it for problems, and new bows are a large investment
for new archers.

Your wisest choice would be use a loaner and don't get in a hurry to
purchase.  Give yourself a bit of time to learn what suits you best.
Lots of archers will be willing to allow you to try their bows so you can
get a better feel for what you want and need.

Sorry, can't help you with local shops in Austin, however if your looking
for mail order try:

Three Rivers Archery
400 H.L. Thompson Jr. Drive
P.O. Box 517, Ashley, IN 46705

Kustom King Traditional Archery
P.O. Box 11648
Merrillville, IN 46411

F/S Discount Archery
2852 Walnut Unit A
Tustin CA 92780

Any items you can find in a archery shop you can find there, and there's
lot's more on the internet.

You will need a glove or tab (try each and see which you like), an arm
guard,  best to keep your arrows in something (box or quiver, and best to
keep about a dozen feather fletched arrows (you'll find six just aren't

We'll be glad to assist you in preparing for combat archery when your
ready.  As for a place to shoot I hope you can make Lady Moreg's
practices.  She will most likely be your best mentor where you are

I hope this has been helpful, if you still need a bow and are coming to
Steppes Warlord let me know and I will bring several with me, or if you
know what poundage you need e-mail me and I'll try to get it to you.


On Wed, 17 Apr 2002 11:27:14 -0400 "heatherc at pop-server.austin.rr.com"
<heatherc at pop-server.austin.rr.com> writes:
> Hi, I am Rose.
> I am new to the SCA (since January) and very new to Archery. I have
> been mainly pursuing cooking and textile arts, but am also
> interested in archery. I am looking for some tips on a few things:
> 1. Where to get equipment. Internet? Ebay? Anyone recommend any
> local shops? (I am in Austin - Bryn Gwlad)
> 2. What kind of equipment. I know I need a glove, arm guard, bow and
> at least 6 arrows, and a quiver. Suggestions on types, brands,
> styles, etc?
> 3. Where to practice? As far as I understand, Bryn Gwlad is not
> currently practicing archery, we lost our practice range on 9/11.
> Are there any other groups practicing that I could hook up with? I
> think I heard maybe Shadowlands??
> I shot two Royal Rounds out at Academy of the Bow, one open with a
> 30lb (?) 'Scorpion' recurve (score 16), and one period longbow 50lb
> (score 14). I am hoping to eventually get into Combat Archery as
> well, once I can accumulate the proper armor and equipment (gimme
> like a year...)
> Thanks in advance for your help!!
> Rose
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