[Ansteorra-archery] Is there a rift?

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Fri Apr 19 01:13:07 PDT 2002

Sir Guy,

I am not sure you intended the post for this list however now that you
have opened the door, yes there is, but I think we have made some great
strides to close that rift in the last three years, however every time
the distinction is made on the field that archers & siege operators are
something less than the heavy fighters it only serves to widen that rift

Everyone that comes to fight for this Kingdom wherever that may be is
Ansteorran, and deserves recognition for the effort they have made to be
on that field.  To treat them as 2nd class fighters or something less
does not do them or Ansteorra justice.  Nor does it create an environment
that will serve to swell the ranks of our Kingdom's army.

I regret to say I have seen our siege operators treated even worse.  A
white diamond on the helm is no magical guarantee against being struck.
I have never seen one complain (not for long anyway), but accept the blow
with the understanding that people get worked up during the fighting and
sometimes make mistakes.

Our fighters are not totally at fault here, I know combat archers that
are equally guilty at keeping the prejudices going.

I commend your effort and those by others to close the rift but until we
all become adult enough & wise enough to see ourselves as Ansteorrans
first and learn to respect the contributions made by each and every
Ansteorran who enters the field I belive we shall be stuck with it to
some degree.

Thank you once again for all you are doing on behalf of Ansteorra's
combat archers!


On Fri, 19 Apr 2002 01:48:43 EDT GuyLestran at aol.com writes:
> Greetings to the List from Sir Guy,
> I was talking with his highness the other day about a rift I
> perceive between
> the combat archers and the other heavy fighters.
> I could be wrong but I get the feeling as a whole that you all feel
> unappreciated as a whole.  Is this a wrong perception on my part?
> If it is no big deal, if it isn't, what are some of the things that
> you think
> we need to push as commanders to try and fix it.
> I can tell you that at least down to the Regional Commander level
> (that means
> Kein as THE General, and Drake and Alexis as well as myself) support
> and want
> more archer on he field with the rest of the army.  I think we need
> more,
> many more archers.  We made a lot of good leaps this year and I'd
> like to
> keep that going and build on it both in numbers and experience.
> So what do you guys think?  I'd like to know.
> Yours in Service.
> Sir Guy
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