[Ansteorra-archery] Is there a rift?

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Gilli, I would like to get some pointers at an event the next time we are at
the same one. My next one is steppes warlord.
Ld Carlos
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>One reason that there weren't many practices with combat archery is because
>of the wood combat arrows.  Most archers didn't want to get them broken in
>just a practice.  I know I rarely supplied any for just that reason. Now
>that many if not most have gone to fiberglass, this may not be a problem in
>the future.
>And you're right.  Some fighters feel that the combat archers can hurt
>The fact is, they'd be Spam in a can if we were shooting the real stuff.
>I'd like to thank you, Lord Timothy, for your support of the archery
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>>Greetings to the List from Sir Guy,
>Greetings to you, Sir Guy, and to all those who you may choose to pass my
>words along to.  I am Lord Timothy of Glastinbury.  I have been a combat
>archer, I may again.  I am a marshall and a herald, and as such a somewhat
>practiced observer of what goes on around and during battles and
>>I could be wrong but I get the feeling as a whole that you all feel
>>unappreciated as a whole.  Is this a wrong perception on my part?
>I believe that, watching from the outside, this community certainly feels
>under appreciated.  I suspect that Gulf War conventions that have stood to
>long are to blame for this in no small part.  Here are some likely hot
>points that if rectified could help 'mend' this problem.
>1) Every archer is required to be 'touch-kill' at Gulf Wars.
>Reasons Given : I've heard this justified mostly in saying that in the heat
>of combat fighters cannot always tell if someone is indeed touch-kill or a
>'white diamond'.
>Counter Argument : Every fighter does manage to tell the difference between
>their enemy and their friends by a small strip of tape of either yellow or
>blue.  Large white diamonds should be easier.  If it is a matter of marking
>them at the War, I will personally volunteer enough white diamond stickers
>with either a blackstar or triskel in the center to mark all four sides of
>every archers helm at the next Gulf Wars who wants them.  I have both the
>means and the way to construct these without problem.
>Counter Arguement 2 : If you don't want a rift between archers and the rest
>of the heavy community then break down the walls that make the different.
>2) Arrows (and other thrusting weapons) to the face-mask only.  Not to the
>side of the helm or to the top.
>Reasons Given : Other than tradition, I've got no idea.
>Counter argument : Flatly arrows, and spears, would have been able to
>penetrate a helm.  I realize this is not an archers-only issue, but it is
>another way that combat archery is treated differently.
>3) War Practices/Melee Practices without Archery
>Problem : While I can understand the need for shieldwall drills, or drills
>for any other specific type of unit (including combat archery), there needs
>to be a serious attempt to hold War Practices and Melee Practices at
>locations where realistic practices can be held, and this means combat
>archery is allowed.  I /full/ well realize that this can be a pain, as most
>parks don't like people shooting archery, my barony just had this run
>4) Bad communication and command decisions.
>Problem : I've yet to see a Gulf Wars go by that did not have a stupid
>decision made either by the marshalette or by our own commanders in at
>one battle.  A couple of years ago in a field battle the archers were
>together on one side of the field by our commanders to be bait for the
>opposing side.  But they were not told they were going to be bait and were
>not ready for such.  This last year a change of rules regarding touch-kill
>was effectively announced by marshalls DURING the battle.  When things like
>this happen, it can make whoever it happens to feel that they are not
>important enough for their commanders or king to make a stand against the
>ruling.  Justified or not.
>I'm sure other people will come up with other items.  But basiclly I'd sum
>up the above as follows : If you wish the archers to feel like 'any other
>heavy fighter' then get rid of rules that don't treat them like 'any other
>heavy fighter' and stand up for them like 'any other heavy fighter' when
>decisions are made.
>These are my two cents,
>Lord Timothy of Glastinbury
>Occasional Archer
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