[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman Tournament pictures

john moore iaenmor at swbell.net
Sun Apr 21 13:54:49 PDT 2002

Jacques is shooting against Leofwine on Summersaeton,  Frederick is shooting
against Ld. Uther Blackthorne and the child is his son Zackery of Greywood.
Sorry Willliam is also shooting against Leofwine.  hope this helps
Iaen Mor
Gate's Edge
Keeper of the Ansteorran Royal Rounds
iaenmor at sbell.net
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Greetings to the List,

I have a photo album put together of the recent Royal Huntsman
Tournament online on the House Arkham web site.  There are a couple of
people who's names I could not remember.  If you know who they are
please let me know.

Also, Lord Timothy is working on putting the tournament bracket up on
his new web site:

Ld. Lughaidh Mac Sheóinín
Royal Huntsman of Ansteorra [lame duck]


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