[Ansteorra-archery] Is there a rift?

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Mon Apr 22 06:55:32 PDT 2002

Lord Timothy,

Just some answers to some of your statements,

 1) Every archer is required to be 'touch-kill' at Gulf Wars.

I think this is a Meridias things that they do.  However this is something
that can be brought up and fixed.  Normally the prince or crown meets with
the Merides and Trimaris to work out the conventions for Gulf wars.  This is
usually done around Sept or Oct.  This I think could be a good thing to being

 2) Arrows (and other thrusting weapons) to the face-mask only.  Not to the
 side of the helm or to the top.

This is more a convention of the eastern kingdoms and the middle I think.
I've lived and fought in alot of kingdoms and most have thursts and arrows to
the face only.  The main reason for the thrusting to the face is safety.
It's easier to brace for it if you can see it coming then getting hit in the
side of the head with a spear.  I personally like just face thrusts only as I
feel safer with it.  I think this would be hard to get changed becuase I
think we're the odd kingdom out on this one.

 Reasons Given : Other than tradition, I've got no idea.
 When I ask this question, it was told to me that meridies has this rule so
 we use it.

 3) War Practices/Melee Practices without Archery

This can try to be fixed,  at least for the big war practices.  I understand
this one and how hard it is to change local practices to places where you can
shoot a bow.  Many groups like it where they play and don't like to move.  I
got around this at our shire by simply adding another fighter practice where
we could shoot a bow,  while not taking away from the local practice which we
all still support.

 4) Bad communication and command decisions.

This can be fixed.  I think we're making strides my having archery and siege
Captain slots as part of the command structure.  Octavia is the archery capt
with Ironwyrm as one of her LT commanders.  Almar is the siege capt.  We have
to be better as an army in reacting to things like touch kill just randomly
being put in effect.

Personally my goal is to have all the fighters treated the same.  Though I'll
admit that I don't like lexan or perf on my grill.  But I also want to get
rid of the ABDs as well.  My goals are to get the heavy guys to be more
acceppting and the archers to be a little more thick skinned about things (I
hope I have the right term there is it thick or thin?).  People are going to
get yelled at on the field.  I get yelled at all the time.  Like when Kein
told me to run a unit across the field this year and I looked at him and
started walking.  That was not a good time for Sir Guy.  People will also say
mean things while in battle and not really mean it.  Octavia had told me she
heard good reports about me while on the field while dealing with some of the
archers.  I'll tell you that I also had some bad moments as well.  I seem to
rememember someone who looked like me and sounded like me yelling to the
archers that the arrows arn't doing sny good in your quivers twords the end
of the ravine battle (while jumping up and down).  I was dead an yelling from
the sidelines and had gotten a little excited.  ;-).

I'm going to pose the same question to the war list and make sure it is
brought up during the commanders meeting at Steppes.

I've got to go to work now all.

So far the main things I'm getting are change the touch kill war conventions
and treating everyone the same?

Please send in more.  I want to hear things.  And open communication is the
only way to fix issues like this.

In Service

Sir Guy.

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