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This is the same thing that I have been saying for the last few years.
As a Combat Archer and EX-Heavy fighter.
I have been trying to get archers and heavy fighters to work together.
At the Last Gulf war I was at. When a Heavy yelled at me to kill a target
that target got shot. I was right behind the spearmen in the line. I shot
targets greater then 20 feet away. Outside the min. range. The archers MUST
get close enough behind the line to get a good shot. I have been saying that
for Years.
I was to teach a class at A.O. B. but things happened.
I can think of 6 to 7 Combat Archers that can and should be Commanders of
Archers. Sir Guy yelled  for me at to get this one or that one. Yes, One of
the Enemy Kings,
Bright Red and Gold Tabard Died about 7 times during the resurrection ravine
battle. Every time he showed up at the Line. I shot him.
Duke Kien put out a good paper on targets and tactics every archer should
I'll get of my soapbox and listen somemore.
H.L. Talon of Blackoak

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> That "rule" I was given the impression was a Marshal interruption for a
> of the battles this last year. How ever as I was not there I will leave
> those things to those that were there.
> plachoya
> >
> >The problem with the touch kill rule at GW is not that is is touch kill
> >what constituted a touch kill. It was interperted as if an archer was hit
> >by an arrow it didn't matter where it hit he was out. That included
> >anywhere from your big toe to your quiver.
> >
> >HL Fearghus MacKenna
> >Kingdom Archery Marshal CAMS  \\
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