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Unto the populace does Lady Gerita Delmar and Lady Roana FitzStephen sent
greeting and an invitation to join us at a picnic celebrating the opening of
Spring Archery Practice for the Canton of Glaslyn at McInnish Park in
Carrollton on Sunday April 28 from 3p.m. until dark. Come to shoot arrows or
the breeze, bring a chair and a picnic supper.

Directions to the park are
in the Steppes Letter or takeyour easiest route to Sandy Lake Road.  Turn
west on Sandy Lake. Past Sandy Lake Amusement Park, McInnish Park entrance
is on the south side of the road.  Follow the road to the T turn right, turn
right again at the archery range sign.

Lady Gerita Delmara
Lady Roana FitzStephen

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