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Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp) Charles.Dewart at hood.army.mil
Thu Apr 25 15:30:50 PDT 2002

All I know is I'm not going to go through the paper work nut roll I did for
that auction.  I also hope more folks take advantage of it.

If someone has enough gumption to say they'd like a membership but can't
afford one; then I have enough to put an event together to help them out.

I'll bet you right now that someone will say I'll be embarassing folks doing
this.  Any one want to bet on it?

We'll pretty much count on it happening that Pensic weekend.  I haven't
really talked to Middleford about helping out with this.  But I'm sure I'll
get the help I need form somewhere.


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This sounds great, Gilli!  Maybe we could publicize it Kingdom-wide and get
other groups interested in doing one too.  Passing the extra money on to the
next drawing would help that one.  Getting as many players on the roster
would help all the way around, too.


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