[Ansteorra-archery] A case for Range Safety

Carolle M Cox hpockets at gte.net
Fri Apr 26 13:33:37 PDT 2002

Eadric, i've got experience in medicine.  I've seen a lot of nasties in my
lifetime as a result, but this is still causing shivers up my spine.
According to the pic they took after removing the arrow (and a nice chunk of
skull, which will now require a metal 'patch'), he got a good 3/4" of point
in his head.  With luck that's less than 1/2" into the brain, but it'll take
months and months to heal.  And i just bet he can't sleep well - could you,
with that nightmare recurring over and over again like a bad horror flick?

Caelin - should we repost this to SCA Chirurgeon??


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