[Ansteorra-archery] A case for Range Safety

Greylond Aston greylondaston at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 27 15:04:53 PDT 2002

As a former Emergency Med Tech, I don't think I would
have attempted to unscrew it. Those heads can do a lot
more damage if you try to twist them. All the rural
Squads that I know carry a couple of different types
of cutters for cases like this. The picture looks to
me like they used one of the standard medic shears to
cut it. Head wounds always amaze me. Some of them are
like this one, looks worse than it is. Always remember
don't pull the object out or even move it and get'em
to a medic or ER as soon as you can. This goes to show
you the importance of assigning fire lanes and
sticking to them, even when hunting.

Greylond Aston

--- Harry Bilings <humble_archer at hotmail.com> wrote:
> The article stated that he walked out of the woods
> with his brother (who
> shot him). If you look at the picture the par meds
> broke the arrow shaft
> when it could possibly been unscrewed. Breaking it
> had to hurt.
> plachoya
> >
> >Gilli, he is indeed.  Where he was hit would have
> caused damage to an area
> >of the brain governing the notion of where his body
> is in space (walking
> >would be tough), and filtering and sorting of
> stimuli.  Can we say
> >*permanent ADHD*??
> >
> >Ok, say this with me, Archers of Ansteorra:  I will
> Not turn from the
> >firing
> >line with a drawn Bow!  The Archery Marshall is my
> Friend.  The Chirurgeon
> >is my Friend, too!!
> >
> >Gerita
> >
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