[Ansteorra-archery] Suggestions for next Years Gulf Wars-Combat Archery

Harry Bilings humble_archer at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 30 18:04:24 PDT 2002

Good for you the city of College Station prohibits the firing of amy missile
in the city limits even on your own land ( except 5 or more contiguous
acres). While the officer I talked to did say that how things were handled
in the field may differ if some one called and complained. If I organized it
I had better have a good lawyer and the money to pay the fine.

>Once again, I see the age old complain of not getting permission from
>the city that someone is located to conduct "combat archery".
>It was an interesting, speaking with the parks department. One of the
>first questions I was asked "Why are you asking permission?" And the
>follow on question - "Is it dangerous?" I am getting ahead of myself
>here, the next four paragraphs describes how I received permission from
>the city.
>My approach was to just go down to the city, with actual combat arrows,
>photos of combat (i.e., Gulf Wars X Ravine battle), the web addresses of
>both of the SCA and the Kingdom of Ansteorra, plus the Complete
>Participants Handbook for the Kingdom of Ansteorra, the selection of the
>park I intend to use and how it is used during the time period, etc...
>in other words - I did my homework on the park that I intend to use and
>how it was being used! I first spoke with a assistant there and
>requested to see the individual in charge. I was informed that said
>individual was not in, but I could leave a message!
>Michael of the Fray

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