[Ansteorra-archery] Youth Archery this weekend

Carolle M Cox hpockets at gte.net
Thu Aug 1 18:11:14 PDT 2002

Thank you, Sister Playchoya!!  That's all i ever wanted!  Honestly!

You're right, Gilli - tough love is just grand, especially when the Men of
your own House are keeping you down.  I do wonder what they're afraid of,
don't you (Grin)?

Seriously, folks, after abdominal surgery and then the Week From H---- back
in the hospital, i will follow the old adage paraphrased to "chirurgeon heal
thyself" and not stress that incision Or my system in general for several
weeks to come.  But i really want to shoot at Lughnasadh (Not the IKAC,
obviously, drat it), so i need some practice.  Is there a gentle out there
willing to sacrifice their own desires to this end on Sunday afternoon?


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I agree that Gerita should not cock her crossbow there is nothing in the
rules that prohibit some else from cocking it for her. So where are all you
good gentles some one could stand/sit next to her and cock her bow and hand
it to her to shot.

>Good call, Ulrich.  Gerita sits out this weekend.  We take no chances.  I
>still have the rope they were threatening to tie me down with a while back-
>we cannot appeal to her own chirurgeon knowledge to ground herself this
>Jacques the Spink
>Steppes Archery Marshal

humble archer
Ravens Fort Ansteora

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