[Ansteorra-archery] Fw: [SCA-MissileCombat] Please read.. fiberglass shafts for arrows and bolts

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Sat Aug 3 05:53:00 PDT 2002

Everyone please take note of he message below from the Deputy Society
Marshal for Missile Combat.  Try and make sure all our combat archers and
marshals get the word.

This is basically the same information I sent out earlier this week
sanitized for interkingdom use.

In Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Kingdom Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
eadric at scabrewer.com

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From: "Tessa the Huntress" <tessathehuntress at earthlink.net>
Sent: Saturday, August 03, 2002 2:05 AM
Subject: [SCA-MissileCombat] Please read.. fiberglass shafts for arrows and


I've received reports about problems with the following types of
fiberglass.  I strongly recommend NOT buying fiberglass shafts (for arrows
or bolts) from the following places :

1. "Generic" rod sold by Gene Bolton Sales
2. Rod from Tencom Ltd., a supplier for GBS
3. MSC Direct (an on-line and direct supplier with nationwide outlets). We
do not yet know the manufacturer of the rod MSC sells, but we are working
on it.

I recommend the following types of fiberglass:

1."Extren" brand of rod manufactured by the Strongwell Corp.
 http://www.strongwell.com. Anyone can call the Strongwell Corp Sales
Dept at 276-645-8000 and get the name of vendors close to them.

2. Maclean fiberglass rod manufacture by Maclean-Fogg.. One place to
purchase this is Northstar Archery http://www.northstararchery.com, which
sells cut to length shafts made from Maclean fiberglass rod.

Normally, I wouldn't recommend a particular supplier/vendor. However, in
this case, I feel I need to let people know where to get good fiberglass
rods (that is safe for battlefield use).

Our testing has shown that the Extren 500 rod and Maclean fiberglass rod is
much safer and stronger.  When we have tested and found more (safe)
acceptable brands of fiberglass, I will add them to this list.  If there
are any questions, please direct them to me.  We are looking further into
this problem.

THL Tessa the Huntress, Deputy Society Marshal for Combat Archery
Tessathehuntress at earthlink.net

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