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Depends on the award. For awards that the Crown must sign, you
should write up a reason you believe this person should get the
award and send it to the Crown, the local Baron/Baroness (if you
live in a Barony or the Seneschal if you live in a Shire), and
perhaps to others who might be prompted to send in their own
recommendations for this person.

For Baronial awards, send your recommendation to the Baron/Baroness.

There is a form on the Kingdom web site (or used to be, I have
not checked lately), but you don't need to use it. Just get all
the information they need to process your recommendation. They
will need the SCA name, the home group (Shire, Barony, or Canton),
possibly the mundane name, and a clear and concise telling of
why this person has earned that award.

For most of these awards, the Crown does not know the person
recommended. They will talk with the local nobles/Seneschal
and, for higher awards, others in their area. Quantity does
count for a lot. If you can get several other people to send
in recommendations, the chances improve. But make sure they
send in heart-felt recommendations in their own words. A
campaign to send in copies or near copies of a recommendation
will probably just annoy the noble who must decide.

Finally, recommendations from a significant other carry little
weight. Everyone assumes you think your SO deserves recognition,
but your job will be to organize others to recommend him/her.
It is the effort that someone makes to recommend a person for
an award that counts. It takes quite a bit to get most of us
to write that letter and the nobles understand that.

In service,
HL Caelin on Andrede

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> Can someone tell me exactly how to nominate someone for an award?
> I am still
> new at this and have never done so before.
> Thanks
> Ulrich of Carolingia
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