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AACG - in the Northern Region that'd be Artair McMorra.  He's a master bowyer and one of the founders of the Guild.

artairmacmora at yahoo.com

In Service,

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>I understand that there is an Archery Craftsmen Guild of Ansteorra and was
>wondering who I need to contact in order to get inducted (for lack of a
>better word at the moment) into the Guild as an entry level bowyer and get
>more info on starting a local chapter here in Northkeep.
>I also would like to know if in the future you in the Steppes guild go on
>another Osage Foray how I might get involved :) as of yet I have not found a
>good source of trees (Osage that is) in the Tulsa area but I am still
>looking! If I find a good renewable source I will most certainly return the
>Ld. Diethelm Waltorfer
>Archery Marshal Northkeep
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>The next Steppes Bowyers and Fletchers Guild meeting will be Tuesday 8/13 at
>My house.
>809 Morningstar Trail
>Richardson 75081
>We will sort the harvest of Osage and prepare it for storage. I have
>arranged for an attic space for most of the small pieces.  We will also
>continue the bows we have started. If any one wishes to work on or learn
>something new please let me know so that I may try to arrange for supplies
>or an instructor if needed.
>If you need directions please email me or call 972-680-1689.
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