[Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at 2002

Darcy HLDarcy at HOT.rr.com
Tue Dec 3 22:11:58 PST 2002

Nobody is asking anyone to shot the IKAC or IKCAC for Gilli.  They're asking
you to shot them for your Kingdom.  Don't talk about how hard it is to stand
around in the Ansteorran sun shooting  a RR.  An IKAC takes 4 times as long
to shoot.  That takes endurance, patience, and a willingness to work a whole
lot harder than it takes to shoot a RR.  As for this past weekend, here was
an opportunity for the Archers of Ansteorrra to get out and support their
Kingdom and get some scores in to improve the Kingdom's ranking.  Where were

Someday I hope to be good enough to shoot a score for the IKAC.  But, for
now I'll just have to be content if I can just get my arrows close to the
target and don't have to chase most of them down range.  Meantime, I'll keep
working to improve.

HL Darcy

Colley's the cat and Keri's the collie.

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