[Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at 2002

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It's your choice to decide not to play.  Don't use Gilli as an excuse for
your decision.  Taking your marbles and going home can backfire, too.  Years
ago I owned a hobby shop.  One day one of our regular game masters got into
a dispute with the players so he took his stuff and declared he was going
home and wouldn't be back.  Before he had even left the room other players
were volunteering to run a new campaign.  He learned he was not essential.
The game would go on without him.  He was back the next day and grateful
that the players were willing to let him take up game mastering again.  We
had another guy who did essentially the same thing:  he thought a space
combat game would end without because he had introduced the game and the
other players wanted to try something he didn't "approve" of.  He never came
back and the guys had a lot of fun without him.

If you want to make a decision not to do something, make it on your own.
Don't say you're doing it to spit someone else.  That's just cutting your
nose off to spite your face and it doesn't hurt any one but you.

As for Gilli's desire to get more people shooting the IKAC and IKCAC, over
the years he has tried damn near everything to get people out there.  He's
offered free shooting, prizes, intrakingdom competitions.  If people aren't
shooting the Interkingdom competitions it's not because of Gilli, it's
because they're not willing to get off their butts and get out there and
shoot because it's harder than a royal round or a grins and giggles shoot.


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> Darcy (HLDarcy at HOT.rr.com) said something that sounded like:
> > Nobody is asking anyone to shot the IKAC or IKCAC for Gilli.  They're
> > you to shot them for your Kingdom.
> No. Gilli is trying to humiliate people into shooting them. This hasn't
> worked for some time. Matter of fact, it is my opinion that it has
> completely backfired on him. We have what I see as more archers on the
> line at all the events I've shot at and heard about, but Gilli is even
> more upset than ever because of the IKAC/IKCAC.
> Since Gilli started his original tirade on this list quite a while back,
> I have not shot another IKAC.
> I guess I am not an archer. I guess Octavia is not an archer. Etc.
> > As for this past weekend, here was
> > an opportunity for the Archers of Ansteorrra to get out and support
> > Kingdom and get some scores in to improve the Kingdom's ranking.  Where
> > you?
> Making money at my profession.
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