[Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at 2002

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NO!  That is not my stated opinion.  I don't believe I ever said any of
that.  Perhaps you're the one on crack.  I think most have missed my point.

Yep.  I had a really bad day that day.  My plan was to finish those arrows
along with several hundred others at that GW and get them to the folks that
were there.  Didn't quite work that way.  The previous time I had the arrow
factory at the war lots of folks stopped by to help make arrows.  It didn't
happen.  Oh, lots of folks stopped by, but just to get arrows that were
already made.  I still have the arrow shafts in the various color vanes.
But my ability to make combat arrows is pretty much non existent now.  So my
apologies on that.


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>It's a circle of skill. You practice, you do better, you enjoy it more.  So
>you practice more, you do better, you enjoy it more; and on and on.

But if you're not practicing IKAC or IKCAC then you're not really an Archer,

If I spend every weekend shooting RR instead ... not an Archer.

If I attend every melee event and shoot combat ... not an Archer.

If I spend my time teaching archery to children ... not an Archer.

That is your stated opinion, isn't it Gilli?

>I don't need to promote "how wonderful I am".  I get told that all the time
>by folks who do appriciate what I do.

I seem to recall an Elfsea Defender a couple of years ago where you promised
a dozen arrows, in their colors, to anyone who out shot you.  And then 3/4s
of the field did so ... sounds like a 'how wonderful I am' challenge ... or
and did you ever deliver those arrows?

Timothy "Not An Archer" of Glastinbury

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