[Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at 2002

g_r.cathan@att.net g_r.cathan at att.net
Wed Dec 4 12:49:19 PST 2002

> Or because that is not fun for them and there are plenty of
> things that are fun for them. Fun things often involve a
> lot of work and "paying of dues", but they are fun for the
> person doing them. Apparently, IKAC and IKCAC are not fun
> for the majority of archers (Archers?) in our kingdom.
> It is certainly Gilli's right to try to get people to
> consider doing IKAC/IKCAC shoots, but he over steps when
> he says those who do not do what he considers fun or
> valuable are not archers.
> Caelin

Or they not offered at the event you happen to go to.  If the IKAC/IKCAC were
offered (besides the scenarios for the event) there may be more scores.


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