[Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at 2002

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The munbers are you give includes an archer mulitiple times if he has
multiple scores.  If we go through and get just the total numbers of archers
that shot an IKAC / IKCAC score, we get 53, which includes 2 from the last
weekend.  Our 48 "open" puts us in a 3 way tie for 4th place in the number
of archers that shot the open.

If we combine the IKAC, IKCAC and RR lists and elimate duplicate names we
have 82 who have shot enough to have a "score" of somesort.

Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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I believe someone asked "everyone" to reply, so here are my thoughts,
for whatever they're worth.

First, this is a game.  Games are meant for fun.  If something isn't
fun, don't do it.

I think that what Gilli possibly meant by what he said was that it's up
to the 'archers' to advance the kingdom in inter-kingdom archery
competition. (Not the knights, or dons, or laurels, or pelicans, etc.
that happen to also do archery.)

Just because a runner likes to do 5K and/or 10K runs, but doesn't do
full blown marathons, doesn't mean he/she is not a runner.  IKAC is like
a marathon, not everyone enjoys it, or can do it.  (I personally think
it's a good endurance workout, but that's just me.)

I think IKCAC need to be worked on.  I have never been to one single
event where it was offered.  Sure, when I was studying to become a
marshal I read how to set up the range and score the shoot.  But I've
never even seen how this shoot is done.  I was so disappointed when I
didn't get to shoot one at Hunters Moon/Archers Revel, especially with
the range already set up for one.  Maybe *someone* can teach a class at
the next AoB on how to conduct these shoots, and have a time set aside
just for one of these.

Ok, now for some facts.  (I don't think these numbers reflect the 'last'
weekend of the season yet.)
Ansteorran Archers that submitted at least one IKAC this season:
Open Bow: *48*
Period Bow: *2*
Period Crossbow: 4
Open Crossbow: 5
IKCAC: *1*

I didn't count the other kingdoms but I think 48 Archers it a pretty
darn good effort.  However, I am extremely disappointed that we don't
even qualify for the Period Bow Division because we didn't have 3
scores.  This is supposed to be a medieval reenactment group.  Surely 3
Archers out of the entire kingdom can take one day to shoot a Period
IKAC in the course of one year, no matter what the score.  I'm not as
concerned as to 'where' we placed, but the fact that Ansteorra doesn't
even qualify in the "Period Bow Division" in the SCA.  What do we need
to do to correct this next year? (For IKCAC see note above)  And not to
point any fingers or step on any toes here, but *someone's* name only
appears once in all 5 of those lists, just in the Open Bow division.

As for me, I thrive on competition!  Just ask the fellow Steppes
Archers.  During the weekly practices I usually come in about 4-5 place
for the day, if that.  But when it comes time to put the "money where
the mouth is" I get "in the zone" and usually come in at least 3rd.
(Maybe that just has something to do with me being an ex Army Ranger
combat vet.?)  But that's just me, to each his own. And I won't think
any less of anyone for anything else.

One of the reasons I left the martial arts is because of all the
politics amongst the instructors of the USA.  There was a big seminar
once with the head Grand Master from Japan in attendance here in the US
and he said (in plain English, no translator):
"Shut up and train."
Think on that sentence long and hard.  You could fill an entire
philosophy textbook with it.

Lughaidh Mac Sheóinín

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You're right about one thing.  It's in the heart.  Now just find where
that is located.  And that heart IS on the range and the field of combat
for this Kingdom.

I'd be surprized if a third of them are still active.

But on the other hand, all those who do have a score in the IKAC or
IKCAC have a King's Archer or have been spoken of to soon get one.
Wonder why that is???

Gilli, Primer King's Archer, Primer Arcus Majoris.. and holder or more
1st, 2nd and 3rd place IKAC and IKCAC scores, both Kingdom and Society
level, than I can remember, just since you wnat to use titles.  Those
and a $1.00 will buy me a Coke where I work. Shoot more arrows.  You're
bound to hit something.

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