[Ansteorra-archery] archery in 2002

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They opened the Wintershoot up to recurve and long bow last year, 2001.

Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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> Ramblings by plachoya on the season just past. Read if you wish or delete
> you rather.
> Gilli probably went a foot or to to far in saying that anyone that does
> shoot IKAC IKCAC or the Winter shoot is not an archer. Gilli you forgot
> it is for crossbows only I can't say it and will not even try to spell it.
> How ever if you want Ansteorra to be the top Kingdom in Archery those are
> the shoot that one must shot in to do so.
> I do not like to shoot IKAC or IKCAC for completions but shoot the IKAC or
> an equivalent number af arrow just about every time I shoot. No I don't
> think that is a lot of arrows. Go check out what the mundane archers shoot
> some time.
> If other Kingdoms allow more gadgets than we do then it is not a fair
> comparison but they should be shooting under the same rules we are for the
> above named shoots. RR are a different story that is one reason you can
> use them to judge how you are doing against the rest of the known world.
> Does it matter if Ansteorra is number one or number 16 or is it 17 now? To
> some yes it does to others no it does not. It did to at least one Crown.
> was after Ansteorra had only seven (7) archers submit scores that the
> Huntsman came into being.
> There have been comment about shooting at round 5 color targets is not
> period. What does being period have to do with things we do in the SCA?
> Except in some A & S competitions, nothing.
> As to a shoot being more period because some one shot at animal targets.
> Only if you had bears bores and such and if you wounded the bear or bore
> were dead because those animals tended to get even with some one that hurt
> them.
> plachoya
> humble archer
> Ravens Fort Ansteorra
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