[Ansteorra-archery] A Look Back at 2002

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Well put Lughaidh, especially that last paragraph!


On Thu, 5 Dec 2002 19:28:46 -0600 "Travis W. Jennings"
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> I believe someone asked “everyone” to reply, so here are my thoughts,
> for whatever they’re worth.
> First, this is a game.  Games are meant for fun.  If something isn’t
> fun, don’t do it.
> I think that what Gilli possibly meant by what he said was that it’s
> up
> to the ‘archers’ to advance the kingdom in inter-kingdom archery
> competition. (Not the knights, or dons, or laurels, or pelicans,
> etc.
> that happen to also do archery.)
> Just because a runner likes to do 5K and/or 10K runs, but doesn’t do
> full blown marathons, doesn’t mean he/she is not a runner.  IKAC is
> like
> a marathon, not everyone enjoys it, or can do it.  (I personally
> think
> it’s a good endurance workout, but that’s just me.)
> I think IKCAC need to be worked on.  I have never been to one single
> event where it was offered.  Sure, when I was studying to become a
> marshal I read how to set up the range and score the shoot.  But
> I’ve
> never even seen how this shoot is done.  I was so disappointed when
> I
> didn’t get to shoot one at Hunters Moon/Archers Revel, especially
> with
> the range already set up for one.  Maybe *someone* can teach a class
> at
> the next AoB on how to conduct these shoots, and have a time set
> aside
> just for one of these.
> Ok, now for some facts.  (I don’t think these numbers reflect the
> ‘last’
> weekend of the season yet.)
> Ansteorran Archers that submitted at least one IKAC this season:
> Open Bow: *48*
> Period Bow: *2*
> Period Crossbow: 4
> Open Crossbow: 5
> IKCAC: *1*
> I didn’t count the other kingdoms but I think 48 Archers it a pretty
> darn good effort.  However, I am extremely disappointed that we
> don’t
> even qualify for the Period Bow Division because we didn’t have 3
> scores.  This is supposed to be a medieval reenactment group.
> Surely 3
> Archers out of the entire kingdom can take one day to shoot a Period
> IKAC in the course of one year, no matter what the score.  I’m not
> as
> concerned as to ‘where’ we placed, but the fact that Ansteorra
> doesn’t
> even qualify in the “Period Bow Division” in the SCA.  What do we
> need
> to do to correct this next year? (For IKCAC see note above)  And not
> to
> point any fingers or step on any toes here, but *someone’s* name
> only
> appears once in all 5 of those lists, just in the Open Bow division.
> As for me, I thrive on competition!  Just ask the fellow Steppes
> Archers.  During the weekly practices I usually come in about 4-5
> place
> for the day, if that.  But when it comes time to put the “money
> where
> the mouth is” I get “in the zone” and usually come in at least 3rd.
> (Maybe that just has something to do with me being an ex Army Ranger
> combat vet.?)  But that’s just me, to each his own. And I won’t
> think
> any less of anyone for anything else.
> One of the reasons I left the martial arts is because of all the
> politics amongst the instructors of the USA.  There was a big
> seminar
> once with the head Grand Master from Japan in attendance here in the
> US
> and he said (in plain English, no translator):
> “Shut up and train.”
> Think on that sentence long and hard.  You could fill an entire
> philosophy textbook with it.
> Lughaidh Mac Sheóinín
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> You're right about one thing.  It's in the heart.  Now just find
> where
> that is located.  And that heart IS on the range and the field of
> combat
> for this Kingdom.
> I'd be surprized if a third of them are still active.
> But on the other hand, all those who do have a score in the IKAC or
> IKCAC have a King's Archer or have been spoken of to soon get one.
> Wonder why that is???
> Gilli, Primer King's Archer, Primer Arcus Majoris.. and holder or
> more
> 1st, 2nd and 3rd place IKAC and IKCAC scores, both Kingdom and
> Society
> level, than I can remember, just since you wnat to use titles.
> Those
> and a $1.00 will buy me a Coke where I work. Shoot more arrows.
> You're
> bound to hit something.
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