[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman tourney at 12th Night

Jennifer Shipman djshipman at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 9 09:16:14 PST 2002

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Archers of Ansteorra:

Below is the info for the Huntsman tourney at Steppes 12th Night.

Tournament will begin at 11am.
The tournament format includes an advancing archers duel.  For this shoot,
you will need a legal helm or mask, a combat legal bow and arrows.  You may
use light legal arrows if both combatants are wearing masks.  I will be
bringing several loaner masks, and loaner bows and arrows will be available.
I also strongly recommend a glove for your bow hand, as APD's can be painful
across the back of a bare hand!  You do not need to be an authorized combat
archer for this shoot, as it is shot at combat targets, not your opponent.
You advance down range toward you target, and the FIRST killing or disabling
(arm) shot wins it.  (This is not matching arrows, so speed counts.)  Leg
shots will cause the disabled archer to stop advancing and shoot from the
Crossbows will be required to shoot standing up.  This is a common SCA rule
when crossbows are competing against handbows.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them or contact me directly.

In Service,
Lady Moreg Cochrane
Royal Huntsman (for 3 and 1/2 more events)


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