[Ansteorra-archery] Tor and water-bearing..

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Mon Jul 1 19:38:09 PDT 2002

While it is nice to have the site supply water, everyone
should take the responsibility to bring their own water.
A gallon of drinking water costs less than a can of coke.

> I was not a Tor thsi last week end, how ever I have been "waterstranded" and
> have takenit upon myself to make sure that I have water at any (well most)
> archery shoots that I am running. I have a 5 gal water cooler that I got a
> Lowes or some where for less that a doz. arrows and take it and ice and
> water to the range when I run an archery shoot. It dose not take much time
> or space to take along and you know you will have water. It is nice if the
> water bearer has the fixing but some times "life happens" and they get
> cought a little short. I fully under stand that the water ends up where the
> most visable action is.
> plachoya who some times does more than shoot a bow
> >Hola!
> >
> >I wanted to say that I'm very sorry for ya'll not getting whole heck alot
> >of
> >water at the Tor this weekend.  I had very few water bottles and a serious
> >shortage of water coolers (loong story). :( On top of that I was not
> >informed about when you started shooting or where the archery field was
> >even
> >set-up.  I did talk to the co-autocrat and told him about the serious
> >shortage. I explained to him that what was needed for the Tor's future
> >events in the way of water-bearing.
> >
> >Ya'll being "water-stranded" has been bugging me....
> >
> >I will be water-bearer in charge at Elfsea Defender this year. So, I'm
> >going
> >to put this out to you. What can I do (as a water-bearer) to make you more
> >comfortable on the field? What can I provide to you?
> >
> >Maria
> >
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