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Exactly what he said!!

For me, this was incredibly exciting - i got to meet a legend, and he didn't
even die of the supper we gave him.  May it ever be thus, my Lord Sebastian!


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> Having Don Sabastian return to join us at Dragonsfire Tor's Defender was
> one of the highlights of the event for me.
> It's always great when our newest archers get to meet and put a face to
> those "legendary" archers of the SCA whom they have heard so much about.
> I can still remember quite well the first time I had that opportunity and
> chance to compete with so many of you on the same range.  Those
> impressions shall remain with me as fond memories for all my days.
> We have waited long for Don Sabastian to return and take his rightful
> place among Ansteorra's Principal members of the Order of the Arcus
> Majoris.  Congratulations Don Sabastian, a safe journey, and return home
> to us soon!
> I would guess all things being in balance it is with great sadness that
> we shall be biding farewell to Sir Galen of Bristol & HL Allessandra.
> These good gentles have been among our greatest supporters of
> Ansterorra's archery community.  To mention but one of their
> accomplishments on our behalf, without their efforts there would not be
> an Order of the Arcus Majoris.  You did always make us to feel welcome
> and treat us as though we were members of Elfsea.  We could not have
> loved you more had you been our own Baron & Baroness.  We shall console
> our loss knowing that a part of Ansteorra's heart dwells within Midrealm.
> Safe journey and best wishes!
> Ironwyrm
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> > Greetings and Hi There,
> >
> > I'm pleased to inform you that at Dragon'sfire Tor, the third
> > Principal of
> > the Order of the Arcus Majoris was presented with his regalia.  Don
> > Sebastian was able to take a little time off and attend the event.
> > Hopefully within the next few months he'll be back in Kingdom.
> >
> > On a sader note, HE Galon of Bristol and his lady will be leaving
> > Kingdom
> > for employment in the Midrealm.  The Midrealm is gaining a GREAT
> > knight and
> > we are losing a GREAT benafactor.  I for one will miss them and wish
> > them
> > safe journey and all the best.
> >
> > Gilli
> >
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