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Sorry if this is a multiple listing for anyone, but I thought folks might
like to see this.

ViVat Lochac!!!

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> This was posted to the SCA wide Pelicans list and I thought all would like
> to see it.
> Sir Burke
> >Good Gentles All -
> >
> >I take pride in telling you that the Kingdom of Lochac came into
> >this weekend past (July 6th) and the King Alfar and Queen Elspeth proudly
> >lead us as we join the other Laurel Kingdoms of the Known World.
> >
> >An emotional (and long) Court saw King Jade and Queen Megan of the West
> >release the Peerages from their oaths of fealty, take back the coronets
> >the landed Barons and Baroness of Lochac, and finally Prince Gawain and
> >Princess Yve, last of their lineage, handed back to Their Majesties the
> >lands of Lochac. Then Jade and Megan, King and Queen of the West, Prince
> >and Princess of Lochac and holders of all the lands of Lochac made Their
> >way from the hall for the final time as our undoubted King and Queen in
> >emotion filled procession.
> >
> >Later that day Jade and Megan proclaimed the Kingdom of Lochac, witnessed
> >by Their Majesties of Ansteorra and the Society Seneschal and Crown Sir
> >of Attica as first King of Lochac. King Alfar then Crowned his lady
> >as Queen of Lochac, gave back the coronets and lands to the Barons and
> >Baroness, and took fealty form the Peers of the new Kingdom. As well,
> >those of us Peers of Lochac who so wished we able to swear fealty and
> >friendship back to the West Kingdom. A wonderful touch as many of us had
> >been in a great dilemma over this. The oath is in all ways subservient to
> >our fealty to Lochac and in no way sets up any form of conflict.
> >
> >The next day the first Peer of Lochac was created - a Laurel, Master
> >Llewellyn(sp) formally of Caid (New Zealand, unsure which group). The
> >Pelican of Lochac will be created in several months in his home group.
> >
> >ciaran faolchara
> >Barony of Ynys Fawr
> >Kingdom of Lochac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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