[Ansteorra-archery] Greetings from Afghanistan

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I agree with everyone on this account. Please keep your head down and I also
wish the worst thing you see is a thunder storm like Rose al'Noor.
Ld Carlos
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>I have to agree with Plachoya, keep your head down Lord Robert! There are
>many of us newbies that still have much to learn from you in the areas of
>archery, bowcraft and fletching, just as soon as you return to us.
>Having been out in the desert myself during the Gulf War (the real one, not
>the one in Mississippi!), it is now my turn to thank you and  the other
>soldiers, airmen, seamen, marines, etc. for being out there doing your duty
>while I sit back here at home, enjoying the freedoms we fight for.
>I wish for you the kind of experience I had in a dangerous place. The most
>striking memory I have is of a fantastic thunderstorm at 2am in the morning
>while on guard duty. Sitting in a two man foxhole alone, dug into the sand
>and seeing the wonderful light show I ever saw all around me, 360 degrees,
>with no mountains, trees or buildings to block the view. I thank God every
>day that this was my memory and not that of anything that would give me
>Is there anything you need over there? Can we send you a 'care package'?
>Anything you can't easily get over there? I always wanted chocolate, peanut
>butter and good coffee (though the chocolate melted most of the time, it
>still better than no chocolate). I also couldn't get my favorite brand of
>shampoo and had my mom send it to me often.
>~Rose al'Noor
>Huntswoman Wannabe
>Barony of Bryn Gwlad, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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>Greetings unto M'Lords and Ladies, Fellow Archers All,
>  Hello from the Hindu Kush mountains of eastern Afghanistan. It's a
>beautiful evening here, Jupiter is shining brightly alongside a silver
>crescent moon over the mountains. There's been no explosions this evening,
>and that's a good thing. Our folks clearing out landmines and such only
>detonate them during the day, so what goes thump in the night is never
>Conditions here are fairly rough, but tolerable. I've never minded living
>a tent, washing my clothes in a bucket and such.
>  If I have any regret at all about canceling my retirement to volunteer
>this mission, I have only to look around at the dedicated young men and
>women I serve with to be reminded of why I wanted to be here. They endure
>much and complain little. You can be proud of them and what they do, I know
>I am.
>  Not much hope of getting in an archery practice over here, that'll have
>wait until I get back. Until then, I wish you all luck in shooting high
>scores for the glory of Ansteorra and the honor of archers everywhere.
>Yours in Service,
>Lord Robert of Yorkshire
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