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Cleek, James M. James.M.Cleek at abc.com
Thu Jul 18 09:36:52 PDT 2002

I have a chain saw also that needs sharpening and this sounds like a great
excuse to get to it. I am sure there are a few others from the Bowyers and
Fletchers guild that would be interested. How soon do you need this

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> I would be willing to help you clear these for stock
> in the choice pieces. :)

A couple of them are fairly large diameter, maybe 12".  I'm sure that
handled correctly you could get quite a number of good bow blanks out of
them.  Let me know when is good for you and we'll make arrangements.  I'll
have to get the chain saw sharpened <<grin>>.


>Currently I have a number of Osage orange trees (bois d'arc) that I need to
>clear from my property for horse pasture.  If anyone is interested in them
>from the bowyers guild let me know and I'll leave them up until we can make
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