[Ansteorra-archery] Target Archery at Three Kings!

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Greetings Ld Oudoceus Kynith
We marshals in the Steppes salute the wishes of the King and will help our
neighbors as we may.  Please let us know of your needs and we will do what
we can.  I must point out, though, that many or even most of our marshals
are also combat archers or seige engineers and look forward to the
opportunity of Three Kings to test out new weapons and sharpen skills in
anticipation of the next battle with those pesky Trimarans.  We will give
you all the assistance we can but most of it will come before or after the
battles.  Please keep us informed of plans and timing of the competition and
we will be happy to help as personnel are available.

Jacques the Spink
Steppes Archery Marshal

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Greetings Fellow Archers of Ansteorra,

I am happy to inform you that for the first time in a long time there will
be target archery at Three Kings.  HRM wants us to shoot IKAC format so
that's what we will do.  The archery tournament will count towards the war
points.  I will set up the range on the Friday of the event but I will be
unable to run the tournament.  Three Kings is a large event and we are a
small shire.  We will all be spread pretty thin.  I know how you guys are
about helping out, so I know that there will be no shortage of qualified
people to run the shoot.  What I would like to do is have the range open
most of the day and let archers come shoot and warm up then shoot for score
when they get ready.  I would like to give everyone who wants to shoot for
score a chance to do so, heavy fighters and combat archers as well as all
the target shooters.  I was covered up with help running our defender shoot
and it was great!  I know there will be plenty of help at Three Kings.  I
know the event is nearly four months away but I wanted to let you all know
what's going on.

Always at your service,
Ld Oudoceus Kynith
AKA Not Walter
AKA King Slayer
MKA Walter Davis

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