[Ansteorra-archery] List of King's Archers

Rumil Fletcher rumil at prodigy.net
Thu Jul 25 22:23:19 PDT 2002

>Say, the last several times I've gone to the OP I haven't been able to find
>the list of King's Archers.  Where is it?

In addition to a listing of each person in Ansteorra who has received
an award, the OP contains lists of all awards from royalty down
through grant level awards.  It does not contain lists of award
recipients below grant level because that would effectively double
the size of the OP.  It does contain a two page list of selected
non-armigerous awards and honors.  These are kingdom championships
such as King's Champion, Bard of Ansteorra, and Royal Huntsman, among
others.  It also contains a few selected non-armigerous awards that
are exceedingly rare or prestigious, such as the Lions of Ansteorra,
Augmentations of Arms, or members of the Order of the Rose.  It does
not contain other non-armigerous awards because they are less rare.

For those individuals who would like an up-to-date list of all the
AoA Level and non-armigerous awards, including the King's Archer, I
produce a text file each month in conjunction with the OP that
includes all such awards grouped by award, and sorted by date.  This
file can be reached from the Ansteorran Order of Precedence page at:
or you may go directly to it at:

Once you have opened this file or displayed it in your web browser,
use the FIND command and enter "King's Archer" to jump right to it.
This file is updated each month on the 1st, and sometimes more often.

In addition, there is another copy of the awards updated at intervals
that lists all the archery awards in one place.  It can be found at:

Rumil Fletcher

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