[Ansteorra-archery] Question from a newbie

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Mon Nov 11 08:30:37 PST 2002

>it was postponed from Three Kings (which I think was a good decision) but
>rescheduled for Steppes 12th night? I was under the impression that this was
>a big indoor holiday party. where to shoot?

There is room around 12th Night's site (Sokol Hall in Ennis) that can be used.

More importantly, there is the issue of advertising the competition in the Blackstar.  The Blackstar's publication schedule is such that if you submit an advertisement by the 30th of this month, it will appear in January's Blackstar.  To make December's you would have had to be in by October 31st, and since Hunter's Moon is still in November it's untenably for that purpose.  Ideal would be something in January or perhaps EARLY February.


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